Dac 51 .30-06 ap

Does anyone know whether Dominion Arsenal Canada .30-06 AP cartridges with a DAC (broadarrow inside the C) 51 headstamp and black primer annulus have corrosive or non-corrosive primers? My tables are only for US manufacturers.




I suppose better late than never…
1951 and thereafter is supposed to be non- corrosive primed.


IIRC, the Canadian contract .30-60 made in 1945 was non-corrosive, unlike the U.S, makers. I assume they continued to use non corrosive primers after that. No documentation to support any of that, so treat accordingly.
Did you check HWS volume 3? …;-)

Did the U.S. buy any .30-06 ammo from Canadian sources after WW2, or was Canadian production only for use in .30-06 guns then in their service?

Information is available only on .30-06 ammunition made on contract for the U.S… Valcartier Industries made one lot, in its Verdun Arsenal (Lot 42000), which was headstamped VC 45, and contained noncorrosive primers. Dominion Arsenal made one lot (Lot 44000), headstamped DAQ 45, and it contained nonmercuric but corrosive primers. Previous information on this DAQ 45 ammunition, indicating it had noncorrosive primers, was published both by the NRA and official Government sources, but subsequently was found incorrect. All other ammunition made by Dominion Arsenal prior to 1951 contained primers that were both mercuric and corrosive.

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Thanks for the info, although to tell the truth, I now have no clue why I did the original post 10 years ago. Maybe I had a bunch of Canadian '06 and was wondering whether I should shoot it.