Dac 51 .30-06 ap


Does anyone know whether Dominion Arsenal Canada .30-06 AP cartridges with a DAC (broadarrow inside the C) 51 headstamp and black primer annulus have corrosive or non-corrosive primers? My tables are only for US manufacturers.




Sources conflict. One source says that all DAC .30-06 except lot 44000 (dated 1945) was non-corrosive. However, Berk Lewis states that the Army Technical Manuals were wrong and that DAC converted to non-corrosive primers in 1951. Lot 44000 was non-mercuric (used the FA70 mixture) but not non-corrosive.

I’ve not seen the evidence that supports his statement but my money’s on Berk Lewis !!


The definitive answer comes from a letter to Berk Lewis from the manager of Valcartier Industries dated May 31, 1967.

Tonight I was sorting through some items donated to IAA by the Lewis family, and among them were several papers relating to primers, including this one. Also letters from Dynamit Nobel, IMI Kynoch and FN. Apparently related to an article on primers, a draft of which had these attached.

This batch should be part of the 2011 SLICS IAA Benefit auction material.

So, here it is, in writing:


Chris and John,

You are both amazing sources of information, especially John’s letter.




That material is awesome – first time I’ve seen the proof of what Berk Lewis was saying.

As a point of clarification, the letter describes the primer in the VC 45 .30-06 as “circular anvil with 2 flash holes”. In case anyone thinks this implies a Berdan primer it does not. Verdun was using the C-I-L patented primer called the “Richardson” primer after C.E. Richardson who invented it. It really is just a normal boxer primer but the anvil is a complete disk with two holes punched in it – unlike the more familiar 3-legged anvil of modern Boxer primers.


Since those papers were given to IAA, shouldn’t the ones that are really important and interesting be reproduced in their entirety and either put on the website or in the IAA Journal for the benefit of the members, before they are auctioned off and spread to the wind, so to speak?

I suppose that might reduce their value at an auction, but in light of the small number of IAA members that actually spread the information they have, it would be a shame if all or parts of the important parts of this information were lost to the rest of the membership.

Just my thoughts on the matter. I printed out the Valcartier Letter immediately for my own archives, not because I collect .30-06 or primers, which I do not, but so that I might have the information for someone else who needs it later, and did not see this thread on the forum.

John Moss


Chris P. will get these letters at SLICS and can decide if any/all are worth publishing.