Dad had Frankford Arsenal .30 ammo

Found an ammo box of about 14 boxes of .30 ammo dated 1956 from my dad. he is in hospice and needing to clean out his things. Live in Denver. any ideas of worth ?. Curious what the value would be. I am new here so if threading this in wrong place…I can do it elsewhere.

a foto of the box would help
or try to find similar boxes on

Good morning landy58 and welcome to this Forum

As René says, a picture of box and cartridge would be very helpful. Or otherwise a good description of your cartridges like dimensions and headstamp. .30 is rather misty. Is it 30-06 , for the M1 Garand for instance or is it .30 carbine for the M1 Carbine?

Tried to send a few but says can only send one image as a new member.

send them to my email address and I will upload them


Ok. may I have your email address?

Only ask because I do not see it researching this site. I know…I’m probably blind.

Do these help?


And this one…?


but if all boxes are like this one, they go for about $15-20 a box

they are all like this one. I am in Denver, Colorado. any ideas as I do not have the weapon for these and would rather someone that could use them have them?

PM sent.