DAG 4.7x45 and 4.9x45 cartridges


Hi All,

Can anyone explain the difference between these rounds…

  1. DAG 4.7 MM headstamped round, and;
  2. DAG 4.9 MM headstamped round

where both have bullet diameters of 4.9mm.

I have 11 variations, but am unable to properly sort them. Bullet diameters range between 4.89 and 4.91mm. They are all based on the 5.56x45 case and some have DAG .223 and DAG 5.56 MM headstamps.



These cartridges were made for ballistic tests related to the G11 Rifle Caseless Ammunition. The 1969 denomination of the caseless cartridge was 4,9 mm (4,9 x 20 mm) and the real bullet diameter also was 4,9 mm. The cartridges headstamped DAG .223, DAG 5.56 MM and DAG 4.9 MM were produced for these initial tests and share the same denomination. When the caseless cartridge name change to 4,7 mm (c. 1975) the DAG 4.7 mm headstamp was produced and also have a real bullet diameter of 4,9 mm. To conclude, same “caliber”, different name.



Thanks, Fede.

A perfect explanation!