DAG 7.62x51 pen crate (full)

Recent find, almost broke my back carrying it to safety. Hst DAG - 14 - 76. 7.62 x 51, red primer seal.

The crate content…

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This is why sharp pencils and sharp tongues are considered weapons which need strict regulation in no-freedom-of-speech “Germoney”.

I posted the same box and contents about 2 years back and was told
they were made as playthings souveniers and have no connection
to the cartridge collecting hobby.What is it?were they made as
salesman samples or not???

I normally do not do this,however as you know sometimes there is no way out!!
I like to ask you where and how did you obtain that box???And above all what
did the seller tell you about it??I have precisely the same and it is controversal
ever since.Mine came here with a German Immigrant and a large gun collection
about 40 years ago.Some of the arguments brought forward by the community
hold water,mainly that the box in itself outside is not marked with a CAL,designation
howe ever the thing bothering me most,in regard of it being a souvenir is the fact
of the cartridges not being made of some cheap plastic or wood or other material
but of the highest standart of a normal Nato round and stamped as such.anyone
with a few tools could convert these rounds into the real thing. I am a bit surprised
that some of the European members to this point have not checked as to the validity
of this box with DAG in Germany??or someone from that end having more relevant info
about this item. Sherryl

Sherryl, if it would be a DAG factory-made item it would bear the company name. And most likely the cases would have additional markings to make this also clear to a non-ammo-expert.

The way the box is marked speaks very much for some sort of commercially made item which likely was sold in all sort of military shops and at best gun stores.
And it could have been made by anybody in my view. Not much better than keychains.

The manufacturers of items like these, letter openers or lighters were also popular by the way, in my experience have no connection to actual cartridge factories but buy surplus and modify it as they please. The Hippie-font of “Munitions-Kiste” in my opinion is another indication against involvement of DAG.

Sherry, I recently got that box during a meeting. No more infos about it! Sorry. They are very nicely done and I think it is probably some company advertisment as all the hst are the same! Just a guess! Didn’t remember your posting !

My take on these agrees with EOD, here are a few factory & one questionable.
The to me questionable is the pen set on the right with the FFV Norma and Colt 10mm in the same box. I don’t know if there was a connection, but the pens are by the the same maker. The Bliss is plastic but they make machinery to make ammunition. to the right of the CBC bottle opener is an H&K pen. The Oerlikon is my absolute favorite. There are a lot of genuine advertising pens, go to the shot show & you can come back with a double fist full. Personally unless it has a name / logo on it I don’t think it to be ‘factory’.

I fully agree as this is the point of an advertisement - to feature the name of the business.
And all those not showing a logo/name simply do stay away from law suits as for copyright infringement etc.

This is not a factory item. I had (have) the same box. Bought it in a department store. It was way before I started collecting cartridges seriously.


I could hug you,your post to this mentions a fact that I forgot to bring up in this discussion
your statement about the Bundeswehr,in this case seems to play a role now.
The one I have came from the same scorce guarantied he was in the ordenance stores in the 1960
I bought this Box from his widow,he passt about 3 years after arriving here,on top of that I got other
things from her,that only a person could get that has excess in such a position,my reasoning had
been that he got this box from a salesmen of DAG.The arguments that are being brought up by
some of our well informed members,yes they do hold water,however if someone could examine
that box themself,he would quigly come to the conclusion that this item is not cheap junk,wich are
often the hallmark of such items.If I were the representitiv of DAG I would not be ashamed to hand
that over as a sample.On top comes the fact that in the early 1960 the sales world,meaning
relation between the 2 dealing parties was a totally different one from today.I am really courious
now to find out where they came from and who made them.