DAG ammo (.308) I have not seen before

Is this descent “plinking” ammunition?

Headstamp reads… DAG-90-246

Case is ink marked on side SM .308 Win


This is a german factory that produces blank cartridges in several calibers.
They also sell surplus ammo.

SM is their trademark headstamp (headstamp on blank ammo and inked marked on the side of the case for surplus ammo) and stands for “sportwaffen und munition”

The ink mark .308 Win on the side is required by law, because the headstamp does not contain the CIP designation of this cartridge. Test for CIP compliance was done in Austria at the Vienna proof house. So the ammunition can be considered safe to shoot.

My experience with former Bundeswehr cartridges from DAG and MEN is that they are of the same, partly even better, level than current commercial Magtech, Sellier & Bellot or similar brands with 145/150 gr FMJ bullets.

The headstamp confuses me. Could you post a photo of the cartridge base? Thanks.

Please could you also post a photo of the case side.


The headstamp belongs to a 7,62x51 NATO tracer load made in 1990.
SM pulled the bullets and loaded them with ball bullets for sale on the civilian market.
The ones I have seen had quite a rough crimp.


Chris, in other words: it would be great if you could also pull a bullet and photograph it.

I was so far only aware of bullets replaced by SM on Manusaar (MS) cases. These have no crimp groove at all. They are also safe but really only good for plinking. No comparison to original DM41/DM111 bullets.