DAG Sintox "Sample" 9x19mm

I recently obtained the box pictured below. I understaqnd that “Bemusterung” means Sample ammunition, but a sample for what purpose. I have seen “Bem. Nr. 1037 PL2” on lables which I’m told means the ammunition was intended for Army troop trials or filed trials as a result of some change in design. The ammunition in these boxes has a military headstamp. I assume the “Bem” stands for Bemusterung.

The ammo in the box below is headstamped “SINTOX 9mm Luger” and there is nothing special about the ammo that is visible. I would guess it is also some kind of test or qualification load for a slight design change, but that is only a guess.

Can anyone explain this label???


Lew, “Bemusterung” (abbreviated as “Bem.”) here is a pre adoption qualification lot. May also be translated to “pre adoption sample”. These are made for the final acceptance tests.

You missed an “e” in the word “Bemusterung” - just to exclude it it from becoming a continious typo (or being repeated by others).

EOD, Thanks for your clear explaination. It makes good sense. Who actually uses this sample to do the qualification testing? I assume it is the Army for Army ammunition, and a Police agency for police ammunition. Is this correct???

Who would do the qualification for commercial ammunition???

The box was sealed when I got it. Unforutnately I had to give away all but 15 rounds of the ammo to make my weight limit retruning to the States. I’ve open some GREAT boxes over the years and dumped the contents because of weight limits. It happens to me every trip and is a real shame, but there are no choices.

Again, Thanks!

Lew, I am not in the loop of those doing the acceptance tests nor do I know who in detail is doing this.
The one to know best will be our friend “Forensic”.

EOD basically described the purpose. Bemusterung actually means sample, although in somewhat antiquated German. The Muster (sample) allows the customer to examine a proposed design. Strictly speaking, Bemusterung is the process of examination, not the sample itself.
Sequence of events is basically:

  1. A customer wants ammunition with certain technical parameters.
  2. The manufacturer works out a design, produces a prototype lot and sends it to the prospective customer for test. This prototype lot sent to the customer is called Bemusterung by the maufacturer.
  3. The customer decides if the Bemusterung satifies his requirement.
  4. If yes, the actual production run starts.