Dairt Oilite .45acp

I recently received 5 .45acp cartridges which were all supposed to be Dairt brand with the sintered bronze “oilite” bullets. They all have the correct headstamp types such as RA 41 and WCC 42, however 4 of them look like typical FMJ ball loads and the bullets are definitely 230gr. One cartridge (which I suspect is the only true Oilite type) has a projectile that is about 136gr.

I see some talk of the Dairt load here:

But what was the correct grain weight? Would these other 230gr loads be confused from the Concord reloads using the similar box type?


The Dairt projecitle I pulled weighed 147 gr. and total cartridge weight was 232 gr.

The only example of a Concord reload I have has an over-stamped headstamp and seems to be loaded with a 230gr. projectile (based on cartridge weight) with a rather blunt ogive.

45concord001 45concord015

Do all the cases have that “chemical washed” look typical of Dairt and Concord reloads?


Upon closer look you are right about the 147gr weight I think, My total cartridge weight is 234gr. I didn’t realize that the Concord reloads were actually over-stamped, so I think what I have is one cartirdge with an Oilite bullet and 4 other cartridges with normal 230gr ball projectiles. I’ll have to contact the seller…