Daisy Caseless 22

How was the case less Daisy 22 ignited? It is just a powder type material glued on to a 22 cal base. Thanks Vic

Vic–It was ignited by compressed air, much like a diesel engine is ignited.

How was the air compressed? could you get that amount of needed pressure by a pump action like the pellet rifles?

Vic–I have never actually fired one of these guns, but I think it used a CO2 cartridge to push a piston to compress the air fast enough to cause it to heat up hot enough to ignite the powder pellet.

The VL cocked and fired pretty well like an ordinary spring-piston air rifle, only the air ahead of the piston was directed to the propellant glued to the base of the bullet; since air heats up when it’s rapidly compressed, this was able to ignite the propellant in the same way that a diesel engine is able to ignite fuel spray without spark plugs (also the reason why it’s a bad idea to use flammable lubricants in most high-powered air rifles). You could get the identical pressure by using a pump or CO2, but it wouldn’t be heated up enough to ignite the propellant.