Daisy-Heddon V/L.22 caseless


I read somewhere that caseless ammo was developed in order to eliminate time required for ejection, thus allowing for faster rate of shooting. This rather oldish looking .22 box was made for non-military use at the time when the price of cartridge metal could not be a significant consideration. So, why did they market it?


Vlad–These were for a BB-Gun style gun. The caseless ammo was ignited by hot compessed gas just like a diesel engine. They amounted to a glorfied pellet gun. They were produced in the mid 1970’s. It has nothing to due with the military, of course. More of a gimmick than anything else.


Here is an article, courtesy of Ron Merchant (Shooting Impressions, Petersen Publishing Company, 1972)


For those with actual issues or a CD or DVD of the complete IAA Journal/ Cartridge Collector there is a complete article on the Daisy-Omark V/L cartridge in issue 295-296 starting on page 3. The V/L name is from the inventor Jules Edmund Van Langenhoven.


Have not had dinner yet. Brain not functioning. As a follow up on my last post does anyone know if Mr. Van Langenhoven is still alive?