Dakota cartridge dates

Would any of you know the dates the Dakota cartridges were introduced?
.330 Dakota
.375 Dakota
.404 Dakota
.416 Dakota
.423 Dakota
.450 Dakota
7 mm Dakota


Joel - a letter sent to dealers, undated but from text, certainly was from 1992, indicates that the following calibers were slated for production in 1992:


Regarding these planned for that year, I will quote the letter:

“Dakota Arms will also be introducing a line of proprietary cartridges in 1992. Initial offerings will include a 338 on a shortened 404 Jeffrey case, a 416 based on a full length 404 Jeffrey case and a 45 caliber on the 416 Rigby case”

This describes the 330, 416 and 450 Dakota rounds

The first dated catalog sheet I have that shows six of the calibers, 7mm, 300, 330, 375, 416 and 450 is from June 1998. This same sheet, which includes, by the way, the 338 Lapua cartridge, was sent out again in early 1999. I am sorry, but I have nothing that shows the 423 DAKOTA.

Below is a nice little Dakota wood display of which shows the six calibers mentioned. It is meant to be flat on a table top, or the like, as the cartidges sit in troughs in the wood, and are not attached. All have the DAKOTA headstamp, caliber at 12 O’Clock and name at 6 O’Clock on the headstamps.

John Moss

Wow, thanks John. I’m always amazed by the information people on this Forum have. I found a reference for a .423 Dakota Headspace Gauge at Pacific Tool:

Also, Ammo-one lists it on his Dakota page.

Has anyone out there actually seen one of these cartridges?

Dakota is still in business as far as I know. Perhaps an e-mail to them might provide accurate dates?

A few years ago I turned up some .338 Short Dakota Magnum dummies & e-mailed them about them. They kindly & promptly replied "Made about 13 years ago, some were “handed out at a Safari Club Show”, but the round was “never introduced to the public”.

Speaking of Dakota Arms. Are there any other rounds with a Dakota Headstamp than what I have listed from my examples?
20 TAC Dakota 223 Dakota 30-06 Dakota 300 Dakota 330 Dakota
375 Dakota 404 Dakota 416 Dakota 423 Dakota 450 Dakota
7mm Dakota

see my post above yours Vic

Was the 338 DSM ever produced as a viable round for sale? Or just a promotion item? Would you know where to obtain one, it is the only one I’m missing. Thanks Vic

The .338 Dakota Short Magnum was a cartridge oriented for the military/LE market. It is listed as one of the caliber options for the Longbow T-76 and Scimitar tactical rifles in brochures from January to December 2006, but not longer listed in the January 2008 editions.

They also listed .32 Miller Short brass during a few years.

The 20 Tactical began as a wildcat, developed bt Todd Kinder is the spring of 2000.
for the full story click on the below link:

I have one of these and I think I purchased it from you. thanks Vic