Damaged cases

Recently, I got these 6,5 x 55 cases. According my source, they come out of an old Scandinavian military shooting range. Not sure it was Sweden, could be Norway too… Only the right one seems “normal”. The two others are badly damaged as seen on the pictures. What could have caused this damage? Bad rifle? Worn out chamber? Wrong gun? And if so, which one?

Badly cut 6,5x57 chamber?

Fired in the wrong chamber? If the graph paper is metric the necks have expanded beyond what I would expect for this cartridge shoulder is way too long?

Looks like somebody ran a drill into the chamber.

Someone wildcatting?

I wonder if the two cases on the left were fired from a Ljungmann M41 Rifle? I had one of those briefly, but found the sensation of gas in the face, and the almost total destruction of the cases (for purposes of reloading) not to my liking, and sold it. I don’t remember the creation of any double shoulder like that (it is the norm for the 7.5 Swiss fired in the Swiss Sturmgewehr 57, due to the chamber shape, which is a design feature that I now forget the purpose of).

Just a thought. As I say, I don’t recall the particular deformation of the case, but that was years ago when I owned the Ljungmann (probably spelled wrong) so, as they say in Spanish, ¿Quién Sabe?

John Moss

A failed second coming of Ackley?