Danbury, CT parade 2007

Here is something truly unusual. This is a Memorial Day parade in Danbury, CT with participation of usmilitarymuseum.org/maingrp.htm and National Guard (I think) A-10. Sorry for poor A-10 photo, they were dropping down from the sky very fast at different angles. IAA is an international entity, and so is this event. Our German and British friends will recognize familiar silhouettes. Did I mention it is also a plug-in for Military Museum of Southern New England, a neat little museum with cool stuff inside? Those of you with small kids, check out OPEN TURRET days, just wear sneakers and don’t fall.


Thanks for the photos. It’s good to know there are still towns in the USA that are not afraid to parade military equipment down their main street.

Good looking girls. And yeah, the vehicles are OK too. :)


For anyone who may be interested, the British vehicles in photos No.7 and 11 are: No.7: Alvis Saracen APC, No.11: Daimler Ferret scout car.