Danish 11.6X40

Does anyone know the parent case for Danish 11.6X40 for the M67 rolling blocks sent to Greenland? And any history of the cartridge would also be appreciated.

After a little more research it seems that they were made from 8X58RD cases,

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Correct, they are made from cases to 8x58RD cut down to 40mm.

The Search facility is a wonderful thing:


The history is, that the M67 was sold to people in Greenland for hunting. The short 11,6x40 was loaded to both ball and shotshells, which is practical when you are hunting a long way from home.

In the 1930’s the inventory of 11.4x51R cases was pretty much depleted from the arsenal. After WWII Royal Greenland Trade supplied inuits with surplus M67 Rolling Blocks and what ammo they could lay their hand on. In the 1950’s cases ran out for good and all they had at hand was surplus 8x58RD which cut right below the shoulder gave the 11.4x40R round. Danish Munitionsfactory in Otterup even had Frederiksværk Powder Factory fabricate a progressive smokeless powder for this round.

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