Danish 6.5x55 with triangle stamp

This query concerns this particular Danish 6.5x55 cartridge:


I’m not fluent in Danish and I see this forum has several Danish members. I need an accurate translation of the technical corps note and the other text on the page, if possible.

For many years/decades the urban legend is that the bullet jackets are soft and cause rapid bore fouling which in turn raises chamber pressures dramatically to the point of causing catastrophic failures in rifles.

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I’m tired of 2nd hand information on this cartridge. The last rifle I know of that blew up after 10 rounds of this cartridge was a Ljungman Ag42b and I not only personally know the owner/collector/shooter but I have photos. It destroyed the rifle. I’d appreciate any definitive knowledge on this cartridge.

My first post here. I have a “cartridge collection” but I’m sure its not quite the same as many of you when you say “cartridge collection”. I’ve been shooting/handloading milsurp since I was 14 which is … 43 years now. Every time I think I ~know~ something I come to a forum like this and see that I don’t. I enjoy further learning in areas of interest and this is one of them.

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Dutchman, there is already some information here ?

iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … t=triangle

Translation of the technical corps note

Special marking of 6.5 mm case with anvil distance 1.35