Danish 7.92x57 box

John Moss - Sorry for the late answer, but I was really busy the last weeks.

I have never heard that Denmark had reloaded steel cases or spotted a reloaded one. But I think you have seen a lot more than me. If a danish reloaded steel-case blank or dummy with reloading mark comes up I will let you know.

The danske military have bien use 7,92 x 57 for the Besa maschin gun mounted in UK made panzer, the reloading mark o vas used by Dansk Ammunitions Fabric Otterup.

John, you may try 1200 dpi. and compare the results.

Why did British manufacture 7.92x57 ammo during the War?


The Japanese did also…I would guess to use in captured weapons, export, ect…


Shortly before the war the UK adopted the BESA MG for use in armoured fighting vehicles. It remained in service until well after the war, always in its original calibre. The BESA was a Czech design.


Both BESA and Bren originated in Czechoslovakia, but one retained its original calibre and another went .303 way. Why? What’s the logic?

Vlad, I was told that the BESA was purchased shortly before the war and was not yet adapted to .303 when the war broke out and got adopted in 7.92 since time was critical.

The Besa MG was also only mounted in tanks, so ammunition supply was not a problem as it could be supplied with all the other tank specific items.

And all ammunition for the BESA in UK service was issued ready-belted from the factory. Troops had no need to refill belts in the field. Some Mark I (all steel) belts were shortened and used as drill/training belts with drill cartridges. This was the only time troops re-filled belts.


If my understanding is correct the Besa pushed the cartridges forward out of the belt toward the chamber, and in this system use of a rimmed cartridge is problematic. JG