Danish? 77x230R case

A While ago I got this 77x230R case. I believe it was made by Haerens Laboratorium, Copenhagen, Denmark. I know they used the “HL” marking on small arms ammunition such as 8x58R Krag M/89. Was Denmark allied with Germany during WW1, as it is a German calibre and the style of marking is almost identical? A definite answer on this would be appreciated. See headstamp drawing below:

Falcon, this is a German 77mm case for the FK 96 n.A.
“H.L.” means here “Hauplaboratorium” which was in Ingolstadt near Munich.

The Danish “HL” on large calibers usually goes with a crown above. Besides that Denmark used only 75mm guns and had no 77mm ones in service. (at that time)

Thanks for an answer on that one. I also have another one of these made by Allgemeine Elektricit