Danish 9mm Parabellum?

I recently acquired some of this ammo. Anyone ever come across this stuff before? What’s the year of manufacture and is it corrosive?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


The box is Danish, but I would think it is a repack. The headstamp on the cartridges is pure, WWII Swedish, with the “27” being the case manufacturer’s identification code, in this instance standing for Norma AB.

Was this being sold in the US as surplus. I ask because I would like to acquire a box for my collection.

Unless you want to test it, I would treat the ammunition as corrosive. If you are going to fire it, please keep the boxes and one or two rounds for each box you have, as collectors would like to have sample of it, I am sure.

Repack, no doubt about it. Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik (DA) had but one supplier: Norma Projektilfabrik. This looks like repacked surplus wartime smg ammo, the kind delivered together with the 1944 ‘Suomis’.
It has corrosive primers.