Danish 9x17/18R or .380 'something' blank round?


in addition to the danish cartridges M.1880 (9x18R) and M.1891 (9x17R) - both close to the .380 Short CF - was a blank round in service there.
Sources say that they are 23 mm long, case mouth rose-crimped over a white cardbord-plate, no headstamp.
A picture (poorly no front-pic of the crimp available): vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/me … 233029.jpg

From the danish blanks this one here differs in the cardboard colour (red) and the crimp-folds. But it was called danish …
So what is it: a danish blank, a .380 ‘something’ blank (commercial?) or something complete different?


No opinions?


The problem may be insufficient information. Is the round headstamped? Is it rimfire or centerfire? What are basic case measurements? (Rim, base, mouth, overall case length). I am not saying I could identify it from that information - revolver is not my field. I would have no idea why one Danish blank would have a red wad and another a white rod, of if that is significant or not. However, with more information, maybe one of the revolver guys or one of our Danish friends could tell you.

In profile, without the above information, the cartridge looks like a dozen or more different rimfire blanks that have gone through my hands over the years!


Cartridge M.1880 has never been made in Denmark, but aquired from foreign suppliers. Since the suppliers changed through the years, the blank cartridge can very well look slightly different.

M.1891, a centerfire cartridge, were produced in Denmark.


Sorry, I don’t wanted to confuse anybody. The danish M.1880 and M.1891 are close to the .380 short Centerfire, as I stated. Like the danish blanks my round has no headstamp. I thought it was enough information to describe the known danish blanks and give only the points my round differs from them.
Thats the danish blank on Arma-Dania: vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/ar … editid1=17
The M.1880: vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/ar … ?editid1=8
The M.1891: vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/ar … editid1=21

Are headstamped M.1891 blanks known?


Could this be a Cattle-Killer blank? That would explain the different color wads for different load strengths.


Are headstamped M.1891 blanks known?[/quote]

No it is not after I know.