Danish Ammunition Reference List

Greetings all,

This is a link to Danish Small Arms Ammunition and date introduced.

Hope it is of use.


Dave Andrew

arma-dania.dk/public/timeli … r_list.php

Thank you for posting. It is a nice list

Thanks, Dave!
I’m going to see if I can figure out how to re-order the listing by caliber.

Jon, in the table you just click on the header where it says “caliber”.
I hope the link here kept the selection:

arma-dania.dk/public/timeli … y=akaliber


אתם מוזמנים

This will not load for me. I get a “page not available” message.

On both links there is a series of dots after “timeli” and before “Y” or “r list” what goes between those is probably why it will not link for me.

Can anyone please supply the full link?


arma-dania.dk/public/timeli … y=akaliber


Copy and enter this (below) but do NOT include the parenthesis in order to make it work.



I am not good enough in IT but the link still works here.