Danish cartridg box translation needed


Can someone translate the following box label to English.
Thank you!

20 stk. patroner. 11.6 x 40 . m. blyprojektil
Rustfri faenghaette. Progressivt krudt
Tilgevaer m.67
Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik. Otterup


20 rounds 11.6 x 40 with lead bullet
noncorrosive priming; progressive [burning; i.e. smokeless] powder
for m. 67 rifle
Danish Ammunition Factory, Otterup

If it’s wrong, remember it cost nothing! Jack


Absolutely correct Jack.
The M.1867 rifle is the danish Remington Rolling Block rifle aquired after the fiasco at Dybbøl and later Als in 1864, were we tried to defend ourselves with muzzle loaders (M.48 rifles) against the prussian needle guns. The military leadership also had quite a bit to do with it, but that’s another story.
vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/ar … editid1=84
The cartridge:
vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/ar … ?editid1=6
The box is probably from a lot made for target shooting in clubs. Military production from DA had military labels on them. Lucky find, that box.


Jack - I think its right and I don’t speak a word of any of the Scandinavian languages. I was just about to send off the identical translation when I read your reply.

Soren will tell us if we were wrong, I am sure.

Good work. Of course we are getting used to good work in your replies!! : )

John Moss


BTW for those that do not know it: Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik was started and run by the same people that started and ran Schultz and Larsen. S&L had a big hand in target shooting, several members of the two families were rifle champions. DA supplied the shooting clubs and occasionally made lots for the military system and for the Royal Greenland trade commission.


I believe John’s box is for the center fire ‘Greenland’ cartridges discussed in an earlier thread; not the rim fire cartridge that was originally used in the M67 rifle, and which is shown in the link Soren provided.


You’re right. This link shows JohnS box: bisgaardnielsen.dk/picview.asp?pid=11976