Danish Drill/Dummy Box-What date?

I am very pleased to have recently picked the box pictured below. The headstamp of the cartridge pictured is “Crown 19 HA 42”. There is no “X” on the headstamp indicating a reused case. There is no date or marking on the box other than the label shown below.

Can I assume this box is from 1942 or 1943?



You can see a date on the box .
On the last line behind Fremstillingsdato you see under need the R and M.
a date it`s 1948 or 1943 difficult to see.



I also see 1948


Lew, the rubber stamp should indicate a full date including day, month (three letters) and year. I have seen a couple of these same boxes dated DEC 1948 but the day number was illegible.

Thanks guys! I could say it was a test, but …

Instead, I’m grateful for scanners and you guys. The date is not visible to me unless I put it right under a Very strong light, or look hard at the photo I posted. When I hold it just right under a magnifying light with a built in light I can make our “DEC 1948”. On the posted picture I can barely make out the “EC” and less clearly the “19”. The “D” became visible when I turned the box just right. I cannot make out any indication of a day, but there is plenty of space for a day.

Again, many thanks!


The newest box of this type I know of is stamped september 1951. The oldest 48 pcs grey box i know of is from october 1954.