Danish made .22 l.r

Are any Danish made .22 l.r. documented?

Any info is appreciated.

I have records of hundreds and hundreds of .22 Boxes and many headstamps and have none or no record of any Danish made ones. Hirtenberger made for Denmark, but not made IN Denmark. I hope someone out there can prove me wrong, would be nice to see a Danish prodcut.

Cartridgconer, this is why I asked. I know they been using plenty of ammo from Germany and the UK and maybe others but seriously wonder if for example the Otterup factory or even the army arsenal never made any.

I am close to 100% sure that the .22LR has never been produced in Denmark. As in Norway, gun stores may have imported such ammunition from Eley, RWS etc. with their own label, but no production.

Morten, thank you for the expansion on Norway, that would have been one of my other questions.

Morten, it is 100% sure no .22lr has been produced in Denmark. The market is too small and the competition too stiff.