Danish shotshell by Hoyers Krudtvaerk

Would like to have some info about this factory. Also would like to know if this shotshells are rare or common

Hærens Krudtværk were in business from 1965 to 1972. They produced many different shotshells, and almost all of them are common

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M89, was this the powder factory at Frederiksvaerk ?

Lars, I guess that you mean Høyers Krudtværk, which was the Nitro Nobel AB subsidiary which had taken over shotshell production from Hærens Krudtværk in 1965.

Hærens Krudtværk, which was a State owned Company, was in 1965 sold to a private Company called Høyers Krudtværk, and both was in the town of Frederiksværk. Both of Them produced powder and loaded shotshells. In 1972 Høyers Krudtværk was taken over by Gyttorp, and Fede you are Rights.

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Thank you very much!

The yellow and the blue on the right show the two sides of each shell both have a crown & FREDERIKSVAERK headstamps.

the purple and the blue with the two black bands have HK logo & FREDERIKSVAERK headstamp

All are paper bodied and except for the yellow are pie crimped so that would fit with with Fede & Lars time line

The yellow with the pencil on it was priced a $7, but not sure I would have paid that for it. Probably paid 2 to 5 buck for the others as foreign shells don’t usually bring a lot of money here in the US.

Nice cartridges Pete,

Added a couple of their powder tins/cartons to go with the 1758 cartridge.


Hi Mike
great primer tin pkt & powder tin. Good Stuff.

The yellow & the blue on the right have the same case print and headstamp. I just showed them like that so I wouldn’t have to post two photos.

HI everybody and I think this one is for Lars.

I am not at home right now so I cannot post any pictures.
But there is a difference in the “lion” on several shells.
Is there any meaning in this difference?
Perhaps it has something to do with a timeline?

regards rené

René you are right, there is a difference in the “lion” and this has something to do with the timelime.

At the beginning in 1919 Hærens Krudtværk used plain shells without any print. In the beginning of the 1920 they started to print “Hærens Krudtværk” on the front and nothing on the back (no lion or dog). Then came the “dirty” dog around 1923-1925 and shotly after the nice dog. About 1933 they started to print “HK” in the front instead of “Hærens Krudtværk”, and late in the thierties the “lion” appeared and were in used until 1965.

The headstamp always used a crown and Frederiksværk ( except under ww2 no. 2 from left).

About Høyers Krudtværk from 1965-1972 you can always recognize them on the headstamp.

There is no crown but only “HK”.


Hi Lars,

Thank you very much for this great explenation!!!

Many regards rené

Very interesting Lars,

You can add that from 1958 till 1965 Hærens Krudtværk was not manufacturing the cases and not even loading them.
In fact they bought the loaded shotshells from SFM.


Hi JP,

That’s right - Hærens Krudtværk and later Høyers Krudværk never produced any cases for the shotshells, they only produced the powder and loaded the shotshells. Hærens Krudtværk primary task was to supple the army and later the navy with powder, and private sale was only a smaller activity.

The cases was bought in Germany, Austria, Italy and perhaps also France, but I have never before heard, that Hærens Krudtværk bought loaded shotshels from SFM. JP do you know which loaded shotshells they bought?

hello Lars,

After your remark I double checked my documents and I understand now the tests were made by HK with their powder.

First order was given on August 1958 for 2 000 000 cases with primer.

Many tests were made.

  1. with empty cases to check the picture, the dimensions of the metal base and of the paper tube

  2. with empty cases for drop tests to check the primer is not working

  3. with empty cases by shooting them to see if the primer was corrosive

  4. with loaded shells to mesure pressure, speed, variations in dimensions, aso

(Usually the order describes the tests SFM must do in front (or not) of the customer but here it describes the tests the customer will do after receiving the shells)

The guy in charge of this order was Johanssen.

Manufacturing at least during 1958, 1959, 1960 for 12 and 16 gauges


Hi JP,

Great info.

It looks like shotshells are getting more and more attention now.

let us keep up the good work.

regards rené

A couple more head stamps to add to the topic, with and with out a primer cup.

Look who made the second one :). Looks like they did use lots of other manufactures cases.



So what is the story with this cartridge?

If this the same firm or a branded cartridge?


Hi Mike,

Nitedal Krudtværk is from Norway, and they have nothing to do with Hærens Krudtværk.

Nitadal produced a lot of nice shotshells during the years, and our friends from Norway can tell much more about Nitaldal.

Thanks for that, as I don’t do foreign cartridges (only the odd one or two) I had assumed it was the same firm.


Just to add a Hoyers Krudtvaerk I didn’t have in the collection before, an SP27 in buff paper, text rather badly printed in red. The hs shows it is from the Gyttorp era.
It contains No7 shot.