Danish SS109, and SS190

I just picked up some Danish SS109 ammunition, made by AMA.

This is “naked” ammo, having no green tip.

The first thing I noticed was that the meplat is much finer than the M855 specification ammo that I have, being about .15 calibers, vs. approx .175 calibers for M855.

Previously, I had been unsure as to the ancestry of the ballistic shape of the 5.7x28 SS190 projectile, as it seemed to have a finer .15 cal meplat than M855 with which I was comparing it. Comparing the Danish SS109 to SS190 seems to clinch it: SS190 is a modified SS109 shape projectile.

Here are some pictures:

They came packaged on ten round plastic stripper clips in tough, low density polyethylene pouches:

The plastic stripper clips are much less of a PITAS than USGI style stripper clips:

I’m fairly convinced that SS190 is simply the SS109 bullet shape seated almost up to the ogive, with a shorter shank and boattail and a plastic core instead of lead:

Here’s a report from the BRL detailing the ballistic differences between SS109 and M855. I also have BRL ballistic data showing that SS109 has a slightly higher form factor, which is consistent with the changes made to M855 specification.

It was the original SS90 bullet which had the plastic core - and a long, conical nose. This was designed for rapid tumbling on impact, but had to be changed when the NATO PDW specification came out, requiring penetration of a CRISAT armoured target at 150m. The SS190 which resulted has a steel penetrator in the tip with light alloy behind it, so in structure it differs from the 5.56mm SS109 which has a lead core behind the steel penetrator.

Please excuse me, you’re correct. I misspoke.

That would be from the 2012 vintage imported recently?
The LDPE is not so tough once you’ve found out how to tear it by grabbing the clip and breaking the plastic with a bullet tip. A trick quickly learned when on mag filling detail… (Thank God for Thermold mag loaders…)

Are these rounds ‘5,56 MM SKPT M/05’?
I would be glad to see the front side of the plastic pouch.

mausernut, I didn’t try to pull it open, I just cut it. It is noticeably more flexible, denser, and tougher than the sort of plastic pouches you usually see on the mass market, despite resembling them.

Yes, Defender, I believe these are M/05, but I only bought 20 rounds, so I don’t have the whole battle back.

The packaging, funnily enough, is great for collectors, as you don’t even need to open the pouch to see and manipulate the rounds inside.

BTW, headstamp is [NATO cross] over [AMA 11]

Sounds to me that there is no printed inscription on the other side of the pouch, like danish service ammo has. Very interesting.
Any chance of picture?

Maybe a production overrun sold on the commercial market?

[quote=“EOD”]Maybe a production overrun sold on the commercial market?[/quote]Maybe, but personally I think it is simply an order from a US importer. They were packed in old green 50 count 7.62 boxes and the missing text on the pouches is a good indicator of ‘deliberate’ overrun production. Iirc the pictures on the importers web page showed several pallets of ammo.
Did anyone save those pictures? they seem to have gone.
I’ll see if my contact at FMT has some info. (might take a while…)

Eta: It may be this: Though this has text on the pouches…

Mausernut, thanks for the link with the interesting photos.

Can anybody explain why of “5.56 MM SKPT M/05” the SKPT was painted over on ammo cans and boxes? I understand the removal of the Danish NATO stock number, but what is important about SKPT?

I think it’s done just to prevent confusion about the content. The term ‘cartridge’ f.e. is much more international then the danish ‘SKPT’.