Danish tear gas cartridges pre 1945

Is there anybody with detailed info on Danish tear gas cartridges made/adopted before 1945 which hold a glass capsule?
In particular revolver cartridges and cal 4 (26.5mm).

Sorry, don’t have any pre war Materielbekendtgørelser after 1926 and the cartridge for the revolver 1865/97 were introduced in 1929 and made at least until 1940.
The only description is the one you know already:
arma-dania.dk/public/timelin … ditid1=120
The only thing I have is a photo of a box sadly not in my collection:

This is the next item not in my collection (don’t have a shotgun licence anyway…)

Looks like from the 1960’s, but is most likely from the early 80’s…

Soren, thank you! Does the brass case hold a glass ampoule?
If I recall it right the 12 GA should have a plastic/rubber projectile right?

Yes, the old cartridge holds the gas/fluid in a glass capsule inside.
The 12 gauge has a (very) hard rubber slug up front. Maybe some other collector knows more of AAI products from 30 years ago.

I have some IAA patents on these somewhere. So I know the construction in general.

You say the “old ones”, when did they change to the “new ones” and what is inside them?

Oh, I only compared to newer cartridges in general, not any in specific. The 1865/97 revolver was removed from issue in 1945, together with the 1891 Navy model, since the Army and Navy had quite a lot of P08 and P38’s to tie them over until the M/46 Hi-Powers arrived. No 9mm gas cartridges are (yet) known to have been used here.
I keep promising myself to visit the police museum and maybe ask some questions :-)