Dan'L Fraser cartridge box 400-360

Acquired this box of cartridges the other day at a gun show in Saratoga Spr., NY. The box is full but I am not sure if the rounds contained therein are the correct ones because the label has been written over with what appeares to be ball point pen and pencil. the cartridge looks correct? What time frame of production? Early 1900’s? I have never seen this box before… I have other single cartridges with projectiles of this type and head stamp and some with solids or different SP projectile. What was the projectile weight?
thanks a bunch. I am hoping I got the photo’s done right.

Dave, contents are correct for this box. The only known Fraser load on the Purdey case (thin rim) was this Fraser Oblique Ratchet bullet patented in 1897. Note that the label has an added “Ltd” which means it belongs to the 1913-16 period.

Thanks very much for the information! This box and another (in much better condition) were with a cased Fraser single shot rifle that was for sale. For what was probably way too much money, I talked the seller out of the lesser conditioned box.