Dansk flare

Who can help me?
A 66mm long dansk signal cartridge without headstamp.
Only a red colored reloading stamp (47) on the side of the cartridge.

Who has informations about it?

I think I’ve seen this one before ;-)
Seems that someone did a good photo-job ;-)

Unverified we thought that it’s more a starter cartrigde for aircraft engines than a signal.

Is it sure that the stamp indicates a reloading? It was said that it is a kind of acceptance or checking one. Have a look at this cardboard case of a danish detonation simulater “Kanonslag M/50”.

It is certainly no reloading mark.

I discussed this subject in a danish forum.

There the case is identified as a starter cartridge for Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engines of the Douglas C-47 Dakota (DC-3). Denmark used a small quantity of this aircrafts after WW2.

It is also said, that the star stamp with the two digit year in is an inspection mark, used to sign re-inspections and re-packagings.

Repacking and reinspection in the year of manufacture? And what about such stamps with letters inside the star (stencilled into projectile bodies)?

Sorry, I must work harder on my danisch …

Repacking and reinspection was meant as an example for the use of the two digit year stamps. Not their only use, but beneath the use in the year of manufacture for regular inspection.

Fox as I am I asked for the stars with letters inside too. But poorly I get no satisfying answer. The one with the K is maybe “kontrolleret” for inspected, but that’s only a supposition.

So it will be an acceptance stamp?