DAQ Canada Headstamp


Does anyone have or can anyone post a picture of the DAQ headstamp please. I have many drawings but not an actual photograph. It would be much appreciated.


Not sure… but I dont know of a DAQ headstamp… Are you looking for a DA Proof round or a DAC marked round with a /|\ (Broad arrow) inside the “C”…

“DAC” Proof round 1944


Thanks for sharing the photo. I am looking for a DAQ headstamp, not DAC or DAC with arrows, I have plenty of these. There were some 303 and some 9mm That reportedly had the DAQ headstamp on from Dominion Arsenal Quebec. Have seen plenty of drawings and literature but no actual photos of one though. Cool Proof Cartridge Headstamp!!


The only cartridges I have personally seen with a “DAQ” headstamp are “D.A.Q. 60 9MM” and “D.A.Q. 62 9MM” both of which are in my collection. They are 9 mm Parabellum-caliber blanks. The headstamp does not seem to have ever been used on 9 mm Ball Ammunition.

The headstamp for 1962 is pictured in Lew Curtis’ work on 9 mm Para headstamps, Volume I, Headstamps A - F.

The headstamp “DAQ 1942 VII” is shown as Item 666, on page 82, of “The Cartridge Headstamp Guide,” by White and Munhall. They indicate it was reported in a British WWII Manual, but that they had never encountered any cartridge with this headstamp. It is also shown in Philippe Regenstreif’s Headstamp Book, Volume I, as being on .303 and 9 mm, with the same basic headstamp drawing as shown in the CHG by W&M. When I collected .303 I had a pretty fair collection of Canadian rounds, but I, personally, never encountered a DAQ headstamp on that caliber. That is NOT a claim that it doesn’t exist. I simply do not know.

No .30-06 headstamp “DAQ” is shown in Chris Punnett’s fine book on .30-06, nor is any shown in David Hughes’ book on the 5.56 x 45 mm (.223) cartridge. I have never seen one on 7.62 NATO, but again, I do not have enough knowledge or experience with any of those three calibers to know if anyone has a “DAQ” marked specimen or not.

My experience indicates it was only used for two years on the 9 mm blanks. What prompted its use, I do not know, since it doesn’t appear on 9 mm Ball rounds of the same period.

Hope this is of some help.

John Moss


Thanks John. Yes it does help. I knew it was 'Supposedly" only on .303 British and I found the reference to the 9mm headstamps in some DC Co docs I have showing the production numbers but I was not aware they were only on blank cartridges. I have most Canadian 303’s, including all the baned ones etc…and have never seen a DAQ, only drawings. I believe the DAQ does NOT actually exist on 303 cartridges. I have searched for 20 years for one and others I know, have searched even longer. I think i am going to have to call the .303 one…Myth Busted…Lol


Here is the headstamp. As John Moss indicated, it has only been encountered in Blanks headstamped 60 and 62.

And here is the box for the 1962 headstamp.

Any idea why the DAQ headstamp was used during this timeframe.

A copy of the DCCo Documents with the production numbers would be appreciated.




If the DCCo documents you refer to are short, could you post scans on this Forum, or if really short, simply reproduce the 9mm Information. If not short, any chance to get a copy by scan or mail?


Thanks for posting the picture. I didn’t have time to do one. I did take my first cartridge photos with my camera, and they are promising. Better than my scanner, as I use it, do. I still have the problem of an impressed headstamp looking more raised than impressed. It is only a matter of lighting, but I haven’t figured it out. I actually took pictures not of Makarovs, but of the 38 Casull and .38 JWH for an email inquiry I had from Czech Republic.

John Moss


Dear all, DAQ headstamps Appear on .303 in at least 1942-44, and also on 1950 7z Cartridges. During the 1970s, Large quantities of Canadian .303 was on sale here in Australia, in 1248 Round Chests, packed in 48 round Packs, AirForce Quality ammo ( Headstamps DAC-arrow, D I Z,DCco, and DAQ.). The DAQ 1950 7z came in the 250/288 type tin in box, marked “Not For Synchronised Guns”. I will have to look hard for examples in my collection, because a lot of this ammo was, over 20 years, pulled down for the projectiles, or shot off; the Cases, whether decapped (fired or unfired) or originally primed, have since been made into Movie Blanks (Excellent brass) and used up. I think I still have some complete rounds in my Reference Collection, as well as some Cases in my Inventory.
The Gunshops back in the late 70s had stacks of the crates on display, and of course everybody rushed the Boxer Primed DI Z ammo.

Hope to resolve this mystery with some photos…
Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Thanks for the 9mm headstamp Lew. The document I have is 3 pages that lists headstamps, primer, crimp, loading etc of all Defence Industries 9mm from 1942-1962. I will try and get scanned this weekend and post. Interesting again on the DAQ is that none at all thus far have turned up in Canada in .303. Even DC Production docs I have from the 1940’s do not list anything with a DAQ stamping. DI, DC, DAC, DAL etc but not DAQ. Only the 1962 9mm is listed from company records. I would love to see a DAQ 303 if you can find on DocAV. Odd they would end up down under and not here in Canada…that would be an interesting researchproject in itself. I have lots of little DC Docs and scattered pieces from DC Co I am tying to organize and decipher. Courtesy of my old pal Howie Desireau that some of you may remember from years past.


Ok… Went looking… found a couple of packets…

Ball and Blank… opened them carefully and the headstamp is DAC (with broad arrow inside the C).

So far no luck in finding it on a headstamp… still looking…

Any idea what the “M” stands for?

Headstamp that is in packet:

Blank packet with the same headstamp:


The M could refer to “match”, and in that case the cartridges were used in a shooting competition. Are there any collored bands on the case? btw, interesting to see the package mentioning MK VI cartridges, but the bullets in the package are clearly MKVII bullets…
just my thoughts, for what it’s worth,

hope this helps…



I think the label is actually Mark VII, with the “I” between the “V” and the second “I” under the string.



[quote=“TonyE”]I think the label is actually Mark VII, with the “I” between the “V” and the second “I” under the string.


Tony is correct… they are marked VII.

And there is nothing on the case.