Dardick Tround Tool Cartridge

Mel - don’t be sorry. I am still very interested in reading a good history of the Dardick. We sold at least one of them out of out store. Also sold some Gyrojets. I owned a Gyrojet cased deluxe model, and the store had two that had been gifts to my boss from Bob Mainhardt, who I know. Another of our customers, a physics “brain” and I don’t say that condescendingly - he was just about the most intelligent person I ever met in my life. So much so that I had trouble understanding him some times as he was far above my head on so many subjects. Of course, that’s not so hard to be.

A friend of mine fired two Gyrojets, at two different times. The first time, we had only three cartridge for it. The next time, we had a full box of 100, a gift to us. We fired about seven or eight rounds at 15 yards, using four, full size targets placed two above two, and used the juncture at the center of the four for an aiming point. After firing those few rounds, we determine the gun was so inaccurate - be it the gun or the ammo, it doesn’t matter because you cannot divorce one from the other when the time comes to do the shooting - that it was not even safe to fire it on a public range, and we terminated the firing.

I have examined a Dardick, but didn’t know some of the features you mentioned. No matter - you could give me one as a gift. A big, clunky, ugly pistol trying to do to many functions at one. A chicken is a chicken and a turkey is a turkey. Guns that are designed to perform too many functions are seldom as good as a gun designed for basically one function (selective semi-auto and full auto capability and exception).

The theoretical advantages of those guns are nice to talk about and nice to read about, but when push comes to shove, guns have their own purposes, and I knew the Gyroject fulfilled no role (not talking about the “fancy” stuff, like miniature rockets concealed in cigarettes, and the sort of thing. I know nothing about them so am not qualified in any way to talk about them. I do know when a gun shoots and functions well, and when a gun is inherently accurate with decent ammunition, or it isn’t. They weren’t, as far as I could see. I have friends who could do things with a 2" barrel revolver that I know a Gyrojet could not match, and doubt that a Dardick could.

As to the plastic cartridges and adaptors, if my 9 mm Plastic adaptor is anything to go buy, the material is too poor to make a totally reliable cartridge. Mine has been handled with care, and stored properly, and still split 3/4s of its length just sitting in my cabinet. Combat efficient ammunition? Not likely! I will be interested to find out how many times the plastic tround can be reloaded successfully in comparison to a brass case. Of course, at this time, I don’t know, and while I point out my split one as pointing toward a not very strong, elastic product, I certainly will not judge all the ammo by that one.

Unfortunately, you have to design a practical weapon, especially for police or military, that meets the needs of the lowest common denominator among the users, not those that are truly expert. Selective firing pins to me are a potential death trap. Forget to change it over for the ignition system you wish to use, and you don’t have a gun in your hand, you have a club that can be outdone with a baseball bat.

Regarding the magazine capacity (or whatever words would describe best the feeding system of the pistols), my Browning GP designed initially c. 1924-1926 and perfected in 1935 holds 13 rounds, with a very fast magazine change due to the design of the magazine. Dardick pistols, which is my only interest here, had nothing especially new to offer.

If the Dardick larger weapons - you mentions guns with rates of fire in the thousands of round per second and with eight barrels - were any kind of wonder weapon, I don’t think a rehash of a near Civil War designed weapon would have been adopted over it. I know nothing of the Dardick version (will enjoy reading about it in your book if I am still around in 2022) except that I don’t see anyone using it today.

I think the problem is that we look at these things in two different ways. But, that’s what makes the world go around. But, that’s why I have a large library. I don’t actually give a hoot about half the guns and ammunition that my library covers, but would not be without information on them.
And, once again, I am not speaking of Dardick Industrial cartridges; I have no knowledge of them, have only handled one or two in my life, and they may be the greatest thing since a Chocolate Eclair. I simply don’t know.

Well, enough of this. You can certainly sell me one of the books; you could never sell me one of the guns.


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And I am really looking forward to the book!!!