Dark Secrets of the Lusitania

Given that the Lucitania was about the fastest ship on the run would the Germans have any way of knowing what was on board at the time of the sinking?
Surely all the post event discussion is just an attempt at justification. These ships didn’t waste time in port they would turn around as quickly as they could. Finding what had been loaded wouldn’t have been hard, the docks would have been full of spys, but how could the information have been conveyed back to Germany, processed, a decision taken and the instruction sent out to a U boat captain at sea? I don’t think it could. There was a transatlantic telegraph cable but it came to UK and we wouldn’t have been passing on messages. Would a U boat that far out have been in radio contact in 1915?

My take is that the ship was sunk where it was because the U Boat was either waiting for it knowing it would have to round the southern tip of Ireland and it was all planned way in advance. Or that the sub was waiting there for a cargo ship and it was a spur of the moment thing.

I don’t think though the sinking can be justified retrospectively by saying it was carrying ammo, even though it was.

I agree, probably the German sub was simply waiting for a target of opportunity, and had no advance information. The program mentioned that all ships traversing the war zone around England as established by Germany were required to run in a zig-zag evasive pattern, but for some reason the Lusitania did not. Who knows if the sinking would have been prevented had the captain followed Admiralty orders? And then maybe the US may not have entered the war as a combatant. And then, maybe the Germans might have been victorious. But history is full of such “ifs.”

As is well known, there were many of German ancestry and heritage living in the US at that time, and most were German sympathizers. I personally was born into a heavily German community, and one of my grandmothers was even a German speaker. Without the Lusitania incident to stir emotions, who knows what would have happened?