Database Again


Hello All,

I agree with Guy’s observation.
Collectively, we all have so much information on cartridges and it disappears with our passing. Could we build a comprehensive shared database? I am sure we have some excellent programmers in our midst.
I am a database developer and know some of the in’s and out’s of design using Microsoft Access and SQL. There are other more suitable alternatives that should be used so we are not tied to an particular software base.
Would we be recreating something that the ECRA has already developed and works just fine.
I’m sure we all have limits on our time and resources, but I would be happy to be part of the development of something.



Brian–Yes, it would be great to put together a master datbase, but there are the same constraints on the IAA that prevent any number of purposed projects from going forward: Lack of server space, People to maintain it, How to make it universally readable by everyone without making it so low end as to be useless, etc. Plus, as you said,it would really be just a rehash of the ECRA efforts. Too bad theirs is so expensive ($95.00). It is too bad it could not be made available for free, but somebody has to pick up the tab for all the behind the sceans costs.


Again, I say post material to wikipedia. Sure it can be deleted by someone with malicious intent, but wikipedia seems to police it self rather well. We could build an IAA portal on wikipedia and post all sorts of material. The upkeep and contributions become reliant upon the community at large, rather than a few people.