Date 7,63 Mauser Box


Hello All of you.
I have found this old box and i don’t know when was made.
Can someone help me with this box?
When was made?

Regards, Pedro


Headstamps are mixed… The ones with the stars… aren’t these Hirtenberger?


Duqjans thanks for your help.
I think you have the reason with cartridges with " * " headstamp.
But i think original cartridges from box are Geco headstamp. I don’t know when was made the box.
Regards Pedro


Quoting Fede: “My latest reference showing this “D” headstamp is Geco’s catalog No. 45 of 1929 (pre-Sinoxid) where it is illustrated together with the “D Geco D” headstamp (at left). This last headstamp is also shown in a drawing dated 1925 but as far as I can tell it is not illustrated in catalogs until this of 1929. Also, is still found in catalogs of 1939.”

Very Unusual GG&Co Box

bdgreen Thank you very much for your Attention.


Great box! Thanks for showing it. This headstamp is also known in 9x19mm, but is pretty hard to find. It is illustrated on a 6.35B drawing in a 1930 export catalog.

I have this headstamp on both Sinoxid primed cases and plain primers. E&B indicate the Sinoxid primer was introduced in 1926 and another knowledgeable source says 1928.

I think your box probably dates from the late '20s or early '30. Without a two letter code stamped on the back, or elsewhere on the box, perhaps inside the end flaps, it is not possible for me to date it more accurately.

I have never seen a 9mmP box for these cartridges.



This post inspired me to another post

which includes the other early Geco autopistol headstamps after WWI. I believe the progression of headstamps is:
D star star
GG&Co D star (caliber) D star
Geco D ( caliber) D
Geco (Caliber) —which sometimes occurs with a variety of dots in different positions

Somewhere in that list is a headstamp:
GG&Co . D. . Which occurs on 9mm Para and may be pre-WWII

and Geco star 9m/m star

but I can’t place either of them.

Any help appreciated.