Date ammo box


Picked up this 1/4 filled two piece box of short colt ammo in a box of gun stuff at a auction. Can any help date it and how do I get the cellophane tape of from the sides? Thanks, frogbert


Frogbert101–Your box is 1905. U.M.C. first loaded the .41 Short Colt Smokeless (no S.A. or D.A.) in 1903. It was listed as just .41 Short Colt’s (Note the apostrophe before the “s” in Colt’s) The apostrophe was dropped in 1906. The .41 Short Colt’s D.A. (with apostrophe and D.A.) Smokeless was first loaded in 1905. Since the apostrophe was dropped in 1906, your box must be 1905. Please bear in mind that all of the above is based on CATALOG listings. In real life on the loading line and label printing department, it might be off + or - a year.


Cool. Thanks Ron.