Date help. Lake Erie Tear Gas shell with WRA Co New No.4 primer

The Lake Erie Fireless Tru-Flite Shell.
This is a steel case 37mm Super Long Range (350yd) Tear Gas shell with a W.R.A. New No.4 primer.
The highest Patent number on the case is 1878489.

I have read that the W.R.A. Co. New No.4 primer was used in shotshells circa 1909-1933, but has been seen in flare cartridges as late as 1942.

Can anyone help date this tear gas shell?

I have many vintage brochures but the first stop should be Thomas Swearengen’s book. Tear Gas Munitions I’ll look

and many of Swearengen’s actual photo models in my collection

Xerox Scan_06152018085606.pdf (679.8 KB)

PS Carl R. Weinert of Federal Laboratories patent December 11,1935 (fin stabilized tear gas projo accurate to over 100 yds)


Pepper, thanks a lot!

Is that book avilable as a pdf somewhere?

Thank you Pepper, much appreciated.

CSAEOD sells a scanned disk on GunBroker.

The out of print book gets sold occasionally for crazy dollars ($150+).

It might be the most used reference in my collection as I search rounds, pens, billys and canisters…(I’m one of the few nuts to collect the old stuff…love it)

PS…and I have about 75% of the actual items used in his photos (the studio photos of the examples…not the outdoor range fired “things”)…I have such as figures 265, 266, 268