Date of Geco 7,65 Browning box

Hi guys,
Wondering if you can help me date this great condition Geco 7,65 Browning box.

I read the code as “8oL2”?

Thanks in advance,

Your box is of the first general pattern used after WWII, which would mean it likely dates from some time around 1954 to possibly the early 1960s.

It is the same basic pattern as the late pre-WWII and WWII commercial boxes, except those boxes do not say “Made in Germany” on them. For seem reason, Geco did not seem to mark the post-war boxes “Made in West Germany,” or another appellation seen sometimes on early post-war manufactured goods, “Made if Occupied Germany.” Also, the pre-war boxes show the location, on the second line of white print in the black stripe at the bottom of the label as “Durlach-Baden,” rather than Karlsruhe-Durlach.

This pattern is found in other calibers also. There is a 9 mm Para box like this, post-war, with an extra line of Govt. stock-control markings printed on it.