Date of Mfg


Untill today , I had never seen or heard of a "BlackHills " box of 7.62 X 39 mm. ammunition.
The rds.(20) were 123 gr. Blackhills SP, loaded on Winchester Brs.The
projectile is a typical ? “Blackhills” SP. with six(6) serrates on jacket directly below the exposed SP.
End flap marked: RPR(formed by a Series of dots) over this in heavy bold print the number 95; the whole surronded by the numbers 1 thru 12 with the exception of the number 8(There is no 8)
Does this perhaps indicate Aug. 1995 as date of mfg.?
I know Blackhills loads about every Cal. there is,but this the first I’ve seen or heard of in 7.62 x 39,The box is worn and faded,and looks to be old.
As a note this is my 185 different marked 7.62 x 39 box.

Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
Sgm. USA. Ret.


Although your Black Hills box predates any of mine, yes, what you describe is a printers date wheel. Black Hills boxes still carry date wheels. It indicates that your box was printed in the 8th month (August) of 1995. It could have been filled years later, but usually no more than two years later.


Thanks,info. greatly appreciated
As always