Date of production Genschow cal. 12/65


does someone knows in which time period are the pictured shotshells produced?
These are slugs / Brenneke Flintenlaufgeschoss in caliber 12/65.
Any informations are appreciate.


Hi, this box style dates from the 1950’s and this company designation was used until 1959.




thanks a lot for your helpful answer.
Do you know, how looked the cartridges and the package in the time period 1935 to 1945?
Do you have some pictures of these?

Thanks for any help.


I have found this in the Geco catalog from 1939, and the cartridges are the same as on your picture.

I just wanted to show these varieties of the geco express.
They all show small differences.
Like sinoxid written in big and small letters.
Made in Germany ( and without )
Rottweil smokeless ( and without )

Also look at these two.
The bottom one shows the less common ideal hartschrot badenia.

Regards rené

I have found the Express cartridge as early as 1912-1913 in the Gustav Genschow catalog (p.55).

Your cartridges are from after 1939 and before 1962
Before 1939 the print on the case say ‘extra gasdicht’
You can see examples in my previous post.

Regards rené

Hi Lars,
Can you show a picture of it??
When I look in Manfred beutter his book.
He goes no further back then 1920.
But he states that the ‘EXPRESS’ trade mark was Registered before 1911
The ‘EXPRESS EXTRA’ was registered before 1930

Regards rené

Hi René,

Here comes the picture.

I think Gustav Genschow for a long period had two cartridges: EXPRESS and EXPRESS EKSTRA.
The EXPRESS EKSTRA has a long “messingkappe” as they wrote in their catalog.
By the way are you missing a 3" EXPRESS?.
Best regards,

Hi René,

Pre-war boxes are marked “Durlach (Baden)”, not “Karlsruhe-Durlach” (you can find the same difference in headstamps). Also, the use of “A.G.” was dropped during 1959 and replaced by “G.m.b.H.”.



Thanks for the document.
You mean the express 75?
It is in my picture.

Thanks for the data!

Regards René

Is there a date code on the box???


Hi René

I wrote about the 75mm for export, that is the 3"

HI Lars,

Never seen this one before!

Hi lew,
Here are the codes on my box.

It seems that my box is identical to the box shown in first post.

Regards rené

I have not seen these type codes before, but shotshell codes I have seen often contain more characters than other codes.

I suspect the date code it TS which would be year and montn. If this is true andthe box is pre 1945 then the Geco code from this time would indicate manufacture in 1939. But post 9 above from Fede would indicate it is post WWII. if this is the case then TS would indicate September 1951. This would also be consistent with Fede’s response #2

Just one more datapoint!