Date of some Winchester ammo boxes


I would like to know the manufacture date of three Winchester boxes.

I remember a thread about Winchester dates but could not find it.


The first is a K code box, probably 1946-1950.
Second is a Variety 2 one-piece box, 1932-35
Third is a Type 4 two-piece box, 1925-28


Thank you very much.


A slight correction on the .22 Hornet box. Upon further research, the Hornet was not packaged in the Winchester 1946-style box until late 1947 or early 1948. Therefore your box would not pre-date 1947. Also, the K code could have been used as late as 1951-52, so the proper date range would be 1947-1952. Of course, it could have sat on a shelf somewhere for years after 1952 before being sold.