Date this 8x57 headstamp?

Picked up a fired 8x57mm case at the range today.

Headstamp is “R-P 8mm (8x57)”.

Is this a current headstamp or something from years ago? Seems that the last US commercial 8x57 I saw was headstamped “8mm Mauser”, but I could be mistaken…


While I don’t actively collect the commercial types I do have a few. All my Remington 8mm Mauser headstamps are REM-UMC. I have:

REM-UMC 7.9mm
REM-UMC 7.92mm
REM-UMC 8m/m

Isn’t the R-P headstamp newer than the REM-UMC? The REM-UMC 8M/M MAUS is on hunting ammo I purchased in the mid 1960’s

Well,I have a 7 x 57 Mauser case headstamped " R - P 7 mm ( 7 x 57 ) and it is quite recent.I think that mine and your samples come from the same era…

Thanks Pivi.


REM-UMC was used from 1911 to 1960, varying a bit from these dates depending upon when each caliber was changed over. R-P came along in 1960.

I first encountered the R-P “double-caliber” headstamp of “R-P 8mm (8x57)” in 1995. It would have come out pretty close to that, as due to the large volume of merchandise we carried, and the fairly quick turnover we had, we encountered most items pretty soon after they came on the market, if we carried them at all. Uually within a year of production, at the very most. Other than my date of acquisition of my first specimen of this headstamp, I don’t have any other documentation about exactly when it came out, but 1995 should be pretty close. I also can’t speak for other metric calibers using the same headstamp form, such as 7 x 57, as I didn’t especially pay any attention to new headstamps in those calibers.