Dated swartklip shotshells?

Hi all,

These swartklip 70mm length shotshells have markings 5/76 and 7/76.
Is this may 1976 and July 1976??

Regards René

For whatever little it is worth, I have about 6 of these red variations & only one has a possible date which is the same as René’s 5/76.
Sorry best i can do & it sure does look like a date.

Hi Pete,
Thanks, let’s see if others know more about it.
Perhaps one of the South African collectors.

Rene, could you just measure as these look like 3inch . 76mm = 3in. AFAIK Swartklip never dated any shotshells. The – 70 – was standard for 2¾" shells that were printed on when all was still paper cased cartridges.

Hi Daan,

These are 70mm.
I remember getting these from a South African collector many years ago and he told me ( at least I think he did) that these are dates.
But like to know for sure. And alsof other dates exist.

The topwad on my “5/76” is I think, a military style loading? & it measures 2.548" / 64.72mm OAL
SA dated? shell TW

Mine has SSG topwads!

Here are some of the other varieties I have

What about the green one? Is that anything special?
The tracer has been eaten by those little creatures silverfish. 😩

I really like the 16 ga SP with RMC 16 headstamp.

No idea about the green but I also have one. Brenneke marked is neat & tracer new to me. Nice!
Here is a variation of the RMC headstamp (on a red paper hull) but it also has case print like the tan paper .410.