Dates for Romanian "PA" made 7.62x39R Nagant and 7.62x54

What are the earliest and latest known dates for Romanian 7.62x39R Nagant and 7.62x54 made by “PA” (Pirotehnia Armatei). So far we are talking about the 1930’s but would like to have details (known hs) and maybe an update on other decades. I am not talking about post 1945!
Any info is much appreciated.

That is all I was able to find right now:

left and central - the eraliest and latest headstamps on 7,62x54R which I ever seen. Most common are headstamps P 1930 A 7,62 and P 1931 A 7,62. Also Romanian reload Russian fired cases in Blanks with hollow wooden bullets
right - the headstamp on 7,62x39R Nagant (1927)

Tommorow I will check what other headstamps I also have in my collection

Treshkin, thanks a lot, that helps extending the range of years!

Any extras?!?!?!? Great headstamps.

I check my collection and notes and find that I have and ever seen only following specimens:

7,62x54R with light bullet L type with cupronickel envelope, headstamps:
P 1925 A 7,62
P 1930 A 7,62 black PA
P 1931 A 7,62 black PA

7,62x39R Nagant with headstamp
P 1927 A N