Dates on rolled brass .577 - .577/.450

Gday, on more metal detecting adventures I’ve pulled some nice .577/450 cases, made of the rolled brass foil. 1 full case (but crushed) and a good 5-6 just crushed and a tiny bit of the base left…

What was the time period where rolled brass cases were manufactured, I’ve had quite the look around online but dates seem to vary from source to source, I’d just like to put a date to the rounds im finding, and the earliest and latest they could have possibly been produced.

Apologies for the constant posting! An abundance of exciting finds recently!

Regards, Hamish

I wait for other comments but I have not seen MH 577/450 rolled case cartridge packets later than 1900? Packets exist that were reloaded in India but not usually found in Australia.
I do have an Indian cordite packet from 1920’s but these are quite rare.
There are also .476 Indian cartridges from 1920’s but marked 476 0n the case side.

Edit. In 1980,s London Guns in Melbourne,Vic sold reloaded coiled case MH cartridges in 5 round boxes so it is often very hard to date a coiled case. Corroded would mean very old?

From what I read India was still using foil up until the 1930s, I doubt they would be the ones that’ve ended up in south Australia.

One website stated that the first drawn .577/450 case was 1885, but also stated foil cases were 1871-1880 and left a 5 year gap where they didn’t describe how the cases were manufactured.

So gathering the first drawn British case was 1885 (and drawn cases used there on in), I would assume the ones I’ve found suit the time period 1871-1885

However I dont want to believe false information and would rather ask some of the guys here who really know their stuff

There’s a photo of how they’re coming out of the ground (the best condition one), it looks to be necked down but considering the condition it’s hard to tell if it is a Snyder or martini Henry

Regards Hamish

The production of rolled case 577/450 continued long after the introduction of the solid case in 1885 because the rolled case was cheaper.
Dominion Cartridge Factory Quebec began production of rolled case 577/450 in 1893.
Kynoch listed rc 577/450 in 1902-3 catalogue.


both of these cases you show are MH, types, you can see the shoulder / neck


The double neck cannelure would make it MkIII onwards, introduced in 1873 in England.


This box label has no date on it.
Means, made in 1902-3 ?

Because an item is listed in a catalog does not mean it is made in that year, just offered then.
Kynoch listed old nitro express ammunition in 1960’s ? and a warning of the limited stock no longer being made. So old stock can be offered for years after it was actually made.
I would have to find the catalog to give the actual wording.

Interesting pkt Dutch, another variation below. This & the ICI pkt of mine are commercial and not Military so not dated as such. The ICI has a “13 P I” code on the back.

My latest MH /Snider is this Indian issued in 1916

Another Indian rolled case pkt is this .476 Ball dated 1929.

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Last order placed for .45 Mh Rolled case in Australia, with CAC, was for 10,000,000 rounds of Ball, on 5th July 1902. 500,000 to be delivered by December. Balance of 9,500,000 Ball and 500,000 Blanks to be delivered by July 1903.
July 9th 1906 tenders were called for sale of 6,500,000 of rolled case MH rounds.
Difficult to imagine importing of these types after that date.

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