Dating .30-40 Krag Boxes

I recently adopted these poor boxes into my collection but I am unable to determine approximate dates as I don’t have a lot of literature about it. Now I know there are people out there (Randy) that can tell probably by looking at them. As usual any and all comments are welcome and appreciated!



I have the U.S.C.Co. box down as circa 1915 and the Peters as circa 1925.


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Thanks Randy. Is there a decent data base anywhere that helps date these type of labels other than actual manufacturer’s catalogs?

In the reference section of this sight there is a guide to dating Peters boxes.

What orange said. I compiled the Peters dating section years ago. Early Peters boxes used Cummins Cryptograph punch codes, (and really early ones had ink stamps) for dating but to my knowledge these have not yet been decoded.


Thank you both. I have no idea how I missed looking in the reference section…I was onlt recently granted access!

Orange and Randy, thanks again. I’ve been perusing through the reference section. I’m still kinda new in that section so please forgive my lack of research!! What a great asset for this site! V/r Henry

Nice clean lables, Beautiful!

Yes, thanks Jack, they are indeed in very good shape… almost looks like they were made yesterday! The Peterson ammo is super clean too. These boxes came from the same person and were obviously taken good care of.

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OK, I have to ask, what is Peterson ammo ?

He meant Peters Cartridge Company…

Thank you, must have been autocorrect!!

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I do not have ‘auto correct’, but I do have ‘bad-hand-typing-with-Dyslexia’ on occasion… :slight_smile:

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Lol…when it’s from a so called “smart” phone it’s autocorrect… on a normal computer it’s Fat Finger Syndrome…

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Just do not use the thumbs. :grin:

nice to know I’m not the only one

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