Dating .318 Westley Richards Boxes

I show four .318 WR boxes with similar date codes.
They are shown in the same positions for front and back views.
I thought the top left box with grams was the latest one but the top right one is similar. The bottom two boxes are IMI and I am not so sure they are 26 years earlier or 1946 and 1947. I await your comments.

Hi Ron,

These boxes can’t be from 1946 or 1947 -or earlier-, because Imperial Metal Industries (Kynoch) Ltd. was not incorporated until January 26, 1962. This mean that they are from June 15, 1972 (15MU) and March 12, 1973 (12JV).



That is what I thought. So within a 12 month period Kynoch used 4 different printed boxes. Maybe they had some old stocks of empty boxes and used everything available at the end. It seems that Martini-Henry and .318 WR were possibly the last calibres loaded at Kynoch?

My impression is that toward the end when they ran out of red & yellow printed boxes they were using white boxes with black print. So those style should be examined also.