Dating 44 magnum Peters box

Please help me dating an empty 44 magnum box by Peters.

I know it is after 1962 since there is “warning keep out of children” written on it. Lot # is LF 12 DD


Probably 1965, could also be 1976 but I don’t think Peters was used as a brand name that late.

Pivi and Dennis–The last year Peters was sold as a separate brand name was 1980. You can go to the IAA Homepage to see an extensive list of scans of Peters catalogs from 1896-1980. … ogs/Peters

Thanks Dennis and Ron,

I had already downloaded all the Peters catalogs but there are very few boxes pictured there.
I didn’t find a picture of a box similar to mine on google or in Randy’s excellent work about Peters boxes. Here is a picture of my box

Pivi-That box was produced from 1975 to 1980. Please take another look at the Peters catalogs for those years.

Right, Ron. I missed it since I was looking at earlier catalogs. I think Dennis is right assuming this box was made in 1976, thanks