Dating cardboard paper shotshells

Hi all, a very new poster here in dire need of advice.
About 8 years ago I was “scrounging” in a loft in an old shearing shed (in Australia) I found a wheat sack with over 650 empty cardboard shotshells. There was also 30 x .303 stripper clips. Each clip had 5 live rounds & were dated 18; 19; & 23
Other paperwork in the loft carried dates between 1906 and no later than 1936.
I advertised the shotshells on an Australian auction website (not Ebay) and stated that they were 1920’s to mid 1930’s but have received some age related questions.
Here are 3 examples & I hope someone will be able to confirm or refute the dating.
Thanks …momma




I didn’t want to overload the first post with too many pics but here are 3 very moth eaten paper items that were also inside the sack. They may help with dating ???


Part Remington box:

.303 paper wrapper:

“Amberite” wrapper:

Hello The Amberite is to be dated between 1920 and 1924
The Nile is made between 1912 and 1919.
This is according the headstamps.
Regards Rene

Hello Me again,
I had to look for when the Walsrode was made. It is between 1932 and 1941.
Best regards rene

Thank you Rene ~ these shotshells are not in great condition. If you would like to see all the ones that I listed for auction: search the web for
Here is an item number of mine 6520381 or you can search by title: kynoch or eley or Peters etc
My user name is junkyardmomma and I have 36 listings under Outdoor Leisure > Hunting