Dating of Kynoch .30-06 (box)

Hello gents, I am trying to get a date for this box. I assuming WW2 because of the red stripe but this box looks very clean and because it’s Kynoch I have no idea. Any help would be great and as always, any references would be better!!

As far as I remember, the purpose of the red stripe originally was to warn UK soldiers that this is not .303 ammunition, but .300 (as it was called in the UK).
In my opinion the box is from 1953, as per the lot number.
Sorry for being sarcastic, but you could use the label as reference and reconsider your “Keynoch” spelling.

Also this is a commercial export marked box.
Besides being 1953 manufacture I think the British would not have exported commercially during WW2.

Duh… I’m not sure if I could feel any smaller at this point…

Thanks Alex… I guess the red stripe just threw me off. I am still learning as JP has so eloquently pointed out lol

Henry, no worries, we are all learning!

Title fixed!

Thanks Brian!

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