Dating Remington Boxes

Hi Gang

Well, at the request of John Spangler, Randy Hedeen, John Moss and myself are putting together an article on Dating Remington Boxes. As usual I need help. I need scans of early Remington boxes from 1911 to the introduction of Kleanbore in 1926.
On the Kleanbore boxes I need ANY that DO NOT have the DuPont in an oval (1933).

I have good scans, thanks to John Moss, of most of the styles of Smokeless Powder Pistol boxes, but I need scans of the top of any caliber of BLACK POWDER Revolver boxes. Also, ANY Kleanbor boxes as noted above. I only need the top, unless the only place it says Black Powder is on the end or side. If you can help, please send me scans done at 300dpi and Color Pictures settings.

You will be given full credit for your help in the article.

On the other end of the scale, I need scans of all the different styles of Remington Pistol and Revolver boxes from the mid-1990’s to 2009.

Hi Gang

I have decided after looking over what I have for scans already that I really need more of ANY Remington boxes for all years, not just those I asked for above. So, please, if you have any Remington Pistol or Revolver boxes from 1911 to 2009, please send me a scan. Thanks.


Not exactly box-related, but I do have some testing info, including lot numbers, of Remington 9x19 para rounds that were tested at the proof house in Ulm, Germany at the request of Mauser who used, amongst others, Remington ammo for test firing. Both Mauser and the Ulm proof house found that the pressure readings were all over the place, resulting in abandoning Remington ammo for test firing purposes.

An article on those tests is scheduled to appear in the Dutch ECRA / NVBMB publication shortly.

Vlim - how about someone of you guys from the Netherlands, since you all speak and write really excellent English, writing the article in English and submitting it either to IAA or ECRA so that the information receives a wider distribution? Just a thought, and no offense meant to the Dutch bulletin, but comparatively few people see that bulletin compared to IAA or even ECRA English edition. It probably should be translated into German as well.
I think my 9 x 25mm IAA article was translated into both languages, Dutch and English, so more people would see it (at the request of the German and Dutch groups, not at my request, although I certainly had no objection).


Good idea, will certainly consider it.