Dating Remington Centerfire Ammo Boxes 1920 to 1960

Can anyone help me in ascertaining approximate dates of manufacture for Remington centerfire ammo boxes between about 1920 to about 1960. Thanks. Dagga Boy

Dagga Boy - be patient for awhile. Some of us are still working on a pretty big article on this. It may not appear on the Forum itself, but may be available to everyone as an article elsewhere on this site. I am not sure of the plans for it yet, as I only supplied a whole bunch of box scans - the guys with knowledge and brains are sorting it all out, something I haven’t even attempted in 45 years of collecting.

Thanks John. Appreciate the work you and others are doing and look forward to seeing the article. Dagga Boy

Dagga Boy–I am one of the “the the guys with knowledge and brains that are sorting it all out” as John Moss termined us. The other guy is Randy Hedeen. I am doing the Pistol & Revolver, Randy did the Rifle part. There will also be a .22 box section eventually. Randy has his part done and I submitted all of my part, with the exception of the recent Remington Generic UMC boxes, which I will have done tomorrow to John S. to put up on the IAA Home Page in the next few days.

In the meantime, if you have a specific box you want dated, send a scan to me at my email address.